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Database Manager

ELOUNDOU BILOA Alain Claude is an expert in public information who has worked for the last 15 years in all areas of marketing and digital communication. He holds a specialized MBA in Management and Business Intelligence with an IT background.


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Procurement Experts

Procurement Experts

Dématérialisation des MP

Dématérialisation des MP



Configuration and Database Manager

  •  United Nations
  •  Oct 2017 - Present

•Design and implementation of Project Management Information System which allows Engineering/Mission Support Projects to increase and track productivity in real time.

•Realization of the dashboard shows projects, resources and workforce distribution status include number of international and national staff onboard, number of current MINUSMA projects with overall completion by location, overall expenditure as related to workforce and projects, etc.

•Implementation of full tools that allows Staff and Management from any location to have access to the project information and be able to contribute to the project. Therefore, having a project UpToDate briefly

•Training Engineering staff to use the E-PMIS (easily collaborate and keeping track of task, budget, and timelines - storing project information - communication around project activities including scheduling meetings, jointly developing proposals, and informally brainstorming project strategies)

•Maintenance of the Project

Chief Executive Officer

  •  Intelligence et Management Strategique
  •  Aug 2016 - Present

•Design and implementation of campaigns using high quality social and digital communication products and relevant platforms.

•Implementation of the full range of communication approaches, tools and methodologies essential to the planning and execution of effective campaign strategies and programs, e.g. campaign management, advocacy, engagement, media operations, marketing and promotion, public awareness, message targeting.

•User experience analysis to improve the communication of influence via websites

•Implementation of a web content management system in an innovative way in conflict and post-conflict situations.

Head of the Information System Department and Organization

  •  Société de Recouvrement des Créances du Cameroun - SRC
  •  Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

•Implementation of an Integrated Management System with five main modules: Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources Management, Collections, Inventory and Asset Management.

•Training of staff in the use of the Integrated Management System

•Development of traditional and/or social communication strategies to encourage staff to use the Integrated Management System

•Elaboration, monitoring, evaluation and implementation of programs and projects

•Review of software design documents and reports to identify problems and issues to be addressed prior to implementation

•Collection, analysis and presentation of statistical data and other relevant information gathered from various sources

•Designing data collection tools to search, compile, review, analyze, summarize, and interpret responses and relevant information and data from a wide range of projects

Director of Operations

  •  Informatique & Multi-Services
  •  Feb 2014 - Dec 2015

•Management of all procurement and contractual aspects of projects (e.g. information technology, electronic equipment and instruments, vehicles, medicines, foodstuffs, building maintenance materials, office supplies, construction, furniture, etc.)

•Support at requisitioning units and recipient entities on the full range of procurement issues, providing guidance at all stages of the procurement cycle

•Researches and analyzes statistical data and market reports on the world commodity situation, production patterns and availability of goods and services

•Preparation of a variety of procurement-related documents, contracts, communications, guidelines, instructions, and guidance to staff at the lower level

•Organization and preparation of written products, such as draft annual reports, background papers, analyses, sections of reports and studies, and other relevant contributions to publications

Head of the Dematerialization Project documents and procedures public procurement

  •  Public Contracts Regulatory Agency – ARMP
  •  Oct 2000 - Jan 2014

•Implementation of the information system, by:
-providing technical advice on the most suitable ICT (Information
and Communication Technology) architecture and configuration
-assisting procurement committee in the preparation of the
technical specifications and evaluation criteria for the
procurement of ICT hardware, software and associated services
required for the implementation of the information system
-providing technical assistance and support in the prototyping,
testing, piloting, roll-out, administration and maintenance of all
information system e-Documents including remedial actions, as
-organizing and delivering training courses on the implementation,
operation and maintenance of the information system;

•Further development/enhancement of the information system

•Coordination of the information system technical implementation with other regional agencies

•Drafting the budget and forecasts based on the action plans

•Monitoring budget commitments, including verification of charges and obligation documents for all relevant financial transactions

•Preparing periodic budget revisions and monitoring the appropriate allocation of resources

•Organizing the official closing of projects, final budget revisions, transfer of equipment, approval, publication and distribution of final reports


MBA in Business Intelligence

  •  Ecole de Guerre Economique de Paris (France)
  •  Jan 2011 - Jul 2012

Ingénieur de Conception en Informatique pour l'industrie

  •  Ecole Polytechnique de Tours (France)
  •  Sep 1996 - Jul 2000

Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie en Génie Electrique, Electronique, Electrotechnique, Automatique et Informatique industrielle

  •  Ecole Nationale Supérieure Universitaire de Technologie
  •  Sep 1992 - Jul 1994