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Godwin NGANG  is a senior Public Contracts Expert since 2013. Have participated, as chairman or member, in many subcommittees for analysis, both national and international, in procurement and works.


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Author of the book « Practical Handbook for Drivers and Vehicle Owners »




  •  Feb 2017 - Aug 2019

Project :
a) The Garoua multi-discipline sports stadia, Garoua, North Region, Cameroon
b) The Limbe multi-discipline sports stadia, Limbe, SW Region, Cameroon
Duties: Supervision of the mechanical components of these projects


  •  ABAAPCAM Engineering Ltd
  •  Mar 2016 - Feb 2017

The Akomnyada water project to supply water to Yaoundé, Mbalmayo, Cameroon
Duties: Quality control involving:
- ITPs (Inspection and Test plans)
- NDT (Non Destructive Testing):
- Hydrostatic testing for pipe works (HDPE and DI pipes)
- Leak tests and dimensional checks for tanks

ITRs (Inspection and Test records) for:
- Electrical (insulation and continuity tests, cable termination and hipot tests for mv lines, mega tests, turns ratio for transformers, grounding and bonding of equipment)
- Mechanical (hdpe fusion welding reports, bolt torque verification)
- Civil works (density tests on backfills, concrete pour)


  •  RAMAN Engineering Consultants
  •  Jul 2013 - May 2014

Project :
Elaboration of the Terms of reference for risk assessment and elaboration of emergency response plans for AES-SONEL (now ENEO) sites in view of obtaining authorisation from government to operate.


  •  Apr 2013 - Dec 2015

Project: Construction of platforms for oil rig installation at BOMONO, Douala, Cameroon
Duties: Quality Assurance/Quality Control, HSE


  •  Oct 2011 - Mar 2013

Project: Logbaba Gas exploitation project, Douala, Cameroon

Duties :
a) QAQC:
Elaboration of:
- ITPs (Inspection and Test Plans)
- WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications)
- Procedures (fabrication, painting)
- NDTs (Non Destructive Testing)

Compilation of the As-built data book comprising:
- The WPS
- The weld maps
- The different NDTS (Non Destructive Testing)
- Welder chronologs
- Weld history
- Filler metal follow-up
- Painting operations control sheets
- Welders list
- Material certificates
- Filler metal certificates
- Punch list exhausted

b) HSE
- The elaboration of the company HSE plans, policies and procedures and ensures their implementation.
- The conduction of risk assessment and risk mitigation measures on-site and before commencement of projects.
- The elaboration of the emergency response plans.
- The organisation and conduction of drills, both announced and unannounced.
- Ensuring that all employees are properly informed about the company HSE policies and procedures.
- Ensuring the respect and compliance with relevant government laws and regulations
- Developing and implementing safety training programs.


  •  Feb 2011 - Present

Project: Audit inspection of two bulk fuel storage depots in Monrovia, Liberia.

Duties: Carry out the above service, with objective to:
- Identify and ascertain the configuration of the existing installations
- Report on the visual condition of the facilities and appraise the state of disrepair
- Catalogue rehabilitation and/or repair works that need to be carried out to make the facilities fit for
operation in accordance with current norms.
- Undertake a cursory assessment of rehabilitation cost.


  •  Apr 2010 - Mar 2014

Design and specification of a fuel storage and distribution depot, Douala, Cameroon
The depot comprised 11 tanks with a total storage capacity of more than 80 000 m3 of various
petroleum products. The scope of works covered civil works, mechanical works and
electrical and instrumentation.

Duties: Realisation of the mechanical component of the above project comprising:
- Tank design details (shell plates, roofs, tank bottoms, nozzles and appurtenances )
- Specification for LPG spherical tank
- Associated pipe works (pipes, valves, hoses, fittings)
- Welding specifications and procedures
- Pumps and pumping rates
- Corrosion protection
- Insulation and heating systems
- Inspections, NDTs and construction controls
- Painting procedures
- Fire safety
- Operating procedures
- Emergency procedures
- Maintenance procedures
- Cost estimates
- Risk assessment, analysis and the subsequent development of the Emergency Response Plan for the project (assessment covers pre-construction and operational phases of the project).


  •  May 2007 - Jul 2009

Projet : Design des ateliers et spécifications des machines/équipements du Lycée Professionnel et Industriel de l’Estuaire de BIKELE au Gabon. Membre de l’équipe.

Composants du projet :
- L’Atelier Electrique
- L’Atelier de mécanique générale
- L’Atelier Electronique et appareillage
- L’Atelier Chaudronnerie
- Le materiel de manutention
- L’Atelier Automobile
- Spécification des machines et équipements

Réseau d’air de service :
Job consisted of the specifications of the machines and equipment for:
- Machine shop
- Electrical maintenance shop
- Electronics and instrumentation shop
- Welding, foundry and forging shop
- Lifting and handling equipment
- Automobile maintenance and test bench equipment
- Safety equipment
- Design of a compressed air network


  •  Feb 2006 - Nov 2015

Project: Various projects, Douala, Cameroon

Duties: Part time activities on QA/QC comprising:
i) The elaboration and execution of the ‘Inspection and Test Plans’ (ITPs) for these projects, comprising:
- Assembly and welding
- Blast cleaning and Painting
- Compilation of the ‘As Built’ File

Some of these projects are:
- Fabrication of Riser Clamps for Total E & P Cameroun : Bakingili & Rio-del-Rey Sealines
- Fabrication of various Skids for PECTEN Cameroon
- Fabrication of Tool baskets for SCHLUMBERGER
- Conductor Protector for PECTEN Cameroon
- Deck Extension for PECTEN Cameroon
- Golf Water Treating for PECTEN Cameroon

ii) Elaboration, in French, for company use, of the following technical procedures:
- Piping procedures
- Pipe support procedures
- Painting procedures


  •  Apr 2006 - Jul 2006

Project: Shell Toucan Project, Port Gentil, Gabon
Duties: Quality Control on Pipe Spools prefabrication


  •  Jan 2004 - Dec 2004

Specification of laboratory and safety equipment for ENS Bambili, a Higher Teacher’s Training school, Bamenda, Cameroon


  •  Oct 2002 - Apr 2003

Project: Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Construction, section Pumping Station No3 , Belabo, Cameroon
Duties: QAQC covering
- Piping
- Tank erection
- Welding
- Painting
- NDTs (Non Destructive Testing)
- Turnover File (As-built data book)


  •  Feb 1976 - Sep 1999

Divers postes de responsabilités les plus importants étant:
- Chef de Zone Matériel Remorqué.
- Chef Cellule Gestion des Approvisionnements.
- Chef de Service Adjoint Études et Méthodes
- Inspecteur Formation et Sécurité.
- Chef de Service Magasins.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering

  •  University of Lagos, Nigeria
  •  Sep 1972 - Jul 1975

Diplôme d’Etudes Scientifiques Générales

  •  Université du Cameroun
  •  Sep 1971 - Sep 1972

University of London General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level

  •  Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology, Bambili, Cameroon
  •  Sep 1969 - Jul 1971

University of London General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level

  •  Lycée Bilingue de Buea, Cameroun
  •  Sep 1964 - Jul 1969