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How To Start

Start Today For a Great Future

At "Experts Camerounais Marchés Publics", we aim to provide a secure, flexible and transparent platform, making it easier for public procurement Experts and the Employers to connect, collaborate and get work done.

  • How to Sign Up as public procurement Experts?

    Create your public procurement Expert account

    1. Sign Up to Getting Started - Create your public procurement Expert account on "Experts camerounais MarchésPublics" and verify your details.
    2. Build your Profile – Add services and portfolios to your Profile. This helps you stand out to potential Employers and may increase your chances of winning jobs.
    3. Find Work - Find jobs that match your skills and send Quotes to get hired.
      • Find Jobs – Search for jobs that match your skills and services. You may also get Job Matches based on the skills listed in your Profile.
      • Send Quotes – Once you find a job you’re interested in, use Bids to Send a Quote. Interested Employers will connect with you if they find your Quote compelling.
      • Get Hired – Discuss the Quote in detail with the Employer and finalize an Agreement before starting work.
  • How to Sign Up as Employer?

    Create your Employer account to start getting work done.

    1. Join "Experts camerounais Marchés Publics" – Sign up and verify your details in a single step.
    2. Post a Job – Share details of the job you need to get done and get Quotes from public procurement Experts within hours.
    3. Search and Invite public procurement Experts – Find skilled public procurement Experts and invite them to send a Quote for your job.


    • You can upgrade your job post to a Featured Job to attract more Quotes from top quality public procurement Experts and get up to 50% more Quotes.
    • On "Experts camerounais Marchés Publics", signing up, posting a job, and searching for public procurement Experts is free. However, for every invoice you pay, we charge a nominal handling fee of 3.9%. We recommend you use OM or wire transfer to make payments to get a 3% cashback – effectively reducing your handling fee to zero.
  • How to hire a public procurement Expert?

    Review, compare and hire the best Freelancers

    1. Evaluate Quotes – Browse Quotes that you receive from public procurement Experts and review their Profile for their performance, feedback, portfolio and earnings.
    2. Finalize the Agreement – Mutually establish the Agreement including Payment terms, scope of work and job deliverables.
    3. Hire in One Click – Start working with your public procurement Experts in dedicated WorkRooms as soon as you hire them.
  • How to public procurement Experts Get paid and withdraw funds securely?

    Once you get hired, a WorkRoom is created automatically to help you manage jobs

    1. Share and Collaborate – Use the WorkRoom to share files, communicate and create invoices.
    2. Work in Teams – You can add team members, assign roles and get work done more efficiently.
    3. Keep Track – Monitor work updates, payments and invoices.
    4. Use SafePay – Request the Employer to fund the SafePay account with a minimum balance before you start work. When you get paid, funds get credited to your Cash Account on "Experts camerounais Marchés Publics".
    5. Transfer Method – "Experts camerounais Marchés Publics" offers a number of choices to withdraw funds. You can select from PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer or direct deposit (Cameroon only) and withdraw the funds from your Cash Account on "Experts camerounais Marchés Publics".
    6. Automate Invoices – For some Agreements, you can send invoices automatically and keep track of their status.

About Your Profile

Manage Your Profitable Account

Profiles help public procurement Experts establish credibility on "Experts camerounais Marchés Publics". Experts can define their skills, services they offer, showcase work with portfolios and provide information about themselves or their company on their Profile. Profiles play a crucial role in the hiring process as Employers evaluate the suitability of public procurement Experts by browsing their Profiles and their All-Time Transaction Data (summary of your work history) on "Experts camerounais Marchés Publics". Employers use this data to evaluate your performance and suitability for their job. 

Creating an impressive Profile is key to getting hired on "Experts camerounais Marchés Publics".


Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team

Once hired, we provide a dedicated workspace for every job, called a WorkRoom. 

WorkRooms can be used to:

  1. Manage the Agreement
  2. Communicate through private Messages and Chat
  3. Collaborate efficiently between team members
  4. Create and assign tasks
  5. Share or transfer files
  6. Manage SafePay, payments, and invoices
  7. Provide status updates

To go to the WorkRoom of a job, click on the job title under the “Jobs” tab.